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Who we are

The Land Reform Cooperative Oil Mill of Serranova was founded on the initiative of The Land Reform Institution in the 50s after the allocation of lands to assignee peasants. It is placed in Serranova village at about 3 km from the beautiful Natural Oasis of the State named “Torre Guaceto”. It is about 15 km far from Brindisi airport, easily reached along the SS 379.

The landscape

Its surrounding landscape is mainly characterized by majestic centuries-old olive trees, interspersed with arable fields, vineyards and vegetables of various kinds. The historical, archaeological and natural heritage is characterized by the presence of such plants, known for their imposing, sinuous and monumental trunks typical in the area.

In addition to typical “trulli”, “lamie”, churches and farm scattered around the surroundings to highlight the Mediterranean essence of the place.

Oleificio Serranova

The Oil Mill

The oil mill has an Amenduni plant, with continue centrifugal extractor and two working steps, to ensure a higher quality extra virgin olive oil obtained with the so called cold extraction.

Oleificio Serranova


Tonino Pagliara was born in Carovigno on 27 August 1951 and saw the oil mill being built in 1960. He graduated as an industrial technical expert in 1971 and then started working, in 1975, as accounting secretary at the cooperative R.F. in Serranova.

Over the years Tonino has carried on the tradition and culture that the oil mill represents, actively and passionately contributing to the growth of the cooperative from both a structural and associative point of view. Also actively involved in politics since 1993, he held the position of council member of the municipality of Carovigno several times, always representing the territory of Serranova.

Since 1975, Tonino has been leading the cooperative with the same passion and sense of responsibility, holding the position of responsible secretary.

Oleificio Serranova